Thanks to Sydney suit alterations, you can afford to buy a suit off the rack and have it altered. Well, you can. But many would suggest you don’t buy a suit off the rack.


Sydney suit alterations


Because there are a lot of things that could go wrong if you do.

One of these is wearing a suit that is completely wrong for your body type. There are several types and must be wrapped in clothes suitable for each kind. A man with a triangle body shape, for instance, has to wear properly fitting clothes, preferably custom fitted. Jackets must have shoulder pads and single breasted. A rectangular body shape, on the other hand, goes well with slim fit jackets with shoulder pads and tops with circular necklines. Avoid jackets that are double breasted.

As for the oval body shape … well, the list can go on and on. If you don’t know your body type, going straight for bespoke and made-to-measure suits is the shortest route. Tailors know exactly what goes well with your body.

Whenever you need suit alterations Sydney offers, you can rely on them for this service too. Then again, if your suit is bespoke, alterations would be minimal or none at all.

What is even better is that providers of bespoke suiting and suit alterations in Sydney are a reliable source of timeless fashion advice for men.

Fashion Advice You Should Live By

  • Don’t follow the trends

Fashion trends may be popular now but they go out of style really quickly. It is best to dress to your body type so you will stay in style no matter the season. Besides, it is more practical to invest in clothes that you can wear for longer rather than those you will need to hide away once the trend dies down.

  • Embrace what’s real

No one will stop you if you buy clothes that are more suitable for a different body type than yours. Or, clothes that suited you better in high school than they do now.

The only downside is that you won’t look as good as when you’re wearing fitting clothes. So why not accept the fact that your body shape has changed and that you need to change your fashion choices as well?

  • Avoid buying suits off the rack

There’s nothing bad about this, really. But many manufacturers mass produce suits that are made with a specific body type and shape in mind. You can always have the problem areas fixed through Sydney suit alterations. But isn’t it better to spend money on clothes that are made just for you?

  • Choose clothes that accentuate your best features

Why would you choose the opposite? Find out what your best features are and make sure to show them off with the clothes you wear.

  • Accentuate but not too much

Hey, if you worked really hard at the gym, you have every right to show off your efforts. But it’s one thing to accentuate your features and another to look like a vain attention-seeker. Not exactly a great look for any man.

  • Know your tailor

Dressing up without the hoo haa is easiest with a tailor that knows your body type and the clothes that suits you best. If you are truly serious about looking good with what you wear, find a good tailor that you can work with. If they also offer Sydney suit alterations, then you found the jackpot.

Dress Rochefort

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