Many yearn the secrets to a healthy and safe sex life. There are no secrets set in stone, but there are practical steps that you can follow. You and your partner can go to a sexual health clinic Brisbane has these days, of course. But, for the meantime, for a satisfying and healthy sex life, you should:

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1. Practice healthy communication with your lover or partner.

This is probably the most basic but typically taken for granted aspect of sexual health.

Communicating in and out of sex is important for a sexual relationship to flourish. Being honest about each other’s likes and dislikes in bed will likely to lead satisfy both partners.

In any case, you should also discuss trying new techniques to spice things up, but don’t forget to prioritize each other’s comfort and preferences. Never force your partner into anything that’ll only please you—even though your partner is not complaining.

2. Sustain a healthy body weight.

Because of the higher chances of hypercholesterolemia, hypertension, and diabetes, obese individuals may also have higher chances of getting their sexual health dampened.

Sustaining a healthy body weight helps you avoid illnesses that include sexual inefficiencies like erectile dysfunction.

3. Reduce smoking.

Smoking can decrease your energy, especially in your sexual performance. In fact, it might lead to your blood vessels to constrict, especially in your genitals.

For males, this blood flow reduction can lessen your instances of getting or sustaining an erection. As for females, this might also lessen the lubrication in their vaginal walls.

4. Stop eating junk food and start eating healthy meals.

To sexually active people, staying frosty is important. This sounds true since a healthy sex life also mirrors good health.

For you to achieve a satisfying and healthy sex life, you must stop feeding yourself unnecessary junk food. Start to include vegetables and organic meals to your diet. A healthy diet will keep you on your toes and contributes to the effectiveness of your performance—in career, sex, and relationships.

Specifically, start eliminating sodium and food with bad fats. The latter helps prevent high blood pressure and hypercholesterolemia, which is related to the slowing of sexual performance in men over 40 years of age.

5. Reduce your alcohol intake.

The general notion is that alcohol contributes to the “lubrication” of sexual activities and encounters, but it’s actually the opposite. As a matter of fact, frequent alcohol intake can negatively affect women and men’s vitality in their sexual performance and health.

As for men, it can lessen their chances of sustaining an erection, while alcohol intoxication for women can be a hindrance to getting arousals and orgasm.

6. Practice safe sex!

Use condoms for any kind of sexual activity, be it oral or penetration. Being honest about your sexual histories is also crucial.

Any sexual health clinic Brisbane has today will definitely suggest couples or couples to be to get tested before engaging in sex. A sexual health clinic Brisbane currently has can offer STI screening and vaccinations against STDs.


These are the basic but crucial steps to achieving a healthy and safe sex life. If possible, you should follow all of these steps—and you’ll see how it will immediately trickle down to other areas of your life besides sex.

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